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Regarding the results for the writhing test using levomepromazine and azaperone, it was not found any study that could compare the results obtained in this research. Experiments in psycogenetics.   REFERENCES BROADHURST, P.L. Meth., v.13, p.267-74, 1985a.        [ Links ]KISSIN, I.; BROWN, P.T.; BRADLEY, E.L. It was noted a decrease in SLA in the control group after the first time point. Major tranquilizers are used in animals mainly as pre-anesthetic medication, potentiators of analgesia (neuroleptoanalgesia) and antiemetics (Spinosa et al., 1999), while in humans levomepromazine is used in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and as an analgesic as well (Hals and Dahl, 1995). The measure of latency time obtained before the injection was used to establish control values for each rat (T0). However, levomepromazine produced a more pronounced effect in comparison to the other drugs used at the subsequent time points.

Pharmacology in emergency medicine. Kissin et al. It was carried out in a circular arena made of white synthetic laminate4 (Figure 1), 97cm in diameter and 32.5cm in height, and divided into three concentric circles which are subdivided by line segments into 22 approximately equal parts. Statistical evaluation was performed by analysis of variance followed by comparison of the means using Tukey’s test, whereby the level of significance was established at P<0.05. Nevertheless, these drugs provided a considerable analgesy related to visceral pain. A method for studying cutaneous pain perception and analgesia in horses. In: EYSENK, H.J. Midazolam is a minor tranquilizer, short-acting, water-soluble benzodiazepine. This drug has been reported to have antinociceptive activity in behavior models of acute pain when administered spinally (Goodchild and Serrao, 1987; Crawford et al., 1993).

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After the observation of each rat, the arena was cleaned with 5% alcohol solution (v/v) in order to remove any odor that could influence the behavior of the next rat to be tested. The absence of the antinociceptive effect can be related to the dose used in the present study (3,5mg/kg) wich was much lower than the dose used by Olson and Renchko (1998). Olson and Renchko (1998) utilized 10mg/kg azaperone in a pain test in rats based on the withdrawal of the pelvic limb in response to a pain stimulus. These results agree with O’nell and Fountain (1999) who attributed antipsychotic, anxiolytic and sedative activities to levomepromazine.

Lumb and Jones’ veterinary anesthesia. Attenuation of reperfusion hyperalgesia in the rat by systemic administration of benzodiazepines. Queiroz-NetoI* IDepartamento de Morfologia e Fisiologia Animal — FCAV – UNESP. This drug when utilized alone can be employed in the treatment of various behavioral changes in many animal species (Olson and Renchko, 1988). Intrathecal midazolam in the rat: evidence for spinally-mediated analgesia. The drugs studied were able to abolish the writhing reflex in mice when compared to control. Results revealed in this study did not show any significative effect in TFRL when midazolam was administered. Many experimental and clinical investigations on the modulation of GABAergic transmission in nociceptive processes and in the potential use of GABAergic agents used as analgesics have produced many conflicting results. These animals (Table 1) received drugs or saline (control) only once and were then sacrificed.