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For me, after two months of ownership, this is a GREAT machine. I needed a machine that would do basic stitching, buttonholes, give me a large quilting area and now embroidering. Buy too much at once and you will be overwhelmed.6. Design from scratch — this is what I love the most. I have been able to import graphics — from our church, clubs, etc. — and create beautiful designs to make as patches, logos, gifts. Anyway, I have had this machine now for about 4.5 months. But this can turn out beautiful products, and do all your basic sewing as well.UPDATE FEB 7, 2013Funny — I had a very negative comment under my review that disappeared. I was preparing to respond.

Every once in awhile i have to unscrew the plate, pull out the bobbin, clean out the «rabbit fur» as my daughter calls it, put it all back, and it is fine. Hospital Employee Relations Services (HERS) coordinates and implements the Central Bargaining process for seven major unions representing hospital workers in Ontario. All of my machines (9 of them) have been given to me by frustrated people who didn’t have the time or inclination to be patient with this craft and their instrument to accomplish their objective — have fun sewing. What I learned, since this was new to me on the single thread through the enclosed top part of the machine, my thread broke and i pulled out what i thought was the remnant. They describe provisions respecting conditions of employment, fringe benefits, rates of pay and the right or duties of the parties to the agreement. Your thread will break. It’s common sewing sense.For whatever reason, yes occaisionally the software will say the hoop size is different than what you have — so what. Yes the machine is big, but I read the specifications before I purchased.

Please send updated local appendices to: Carol Jackson(416). Hmmm.. imagine that — reading about the product. Once i cleared it, I did not have the message again.2. stupid clunking: this seems to be an enigma with the bobbin holder. Collective Agreements The OHA has long been a part of the Central Bargaining process for Ontario Hospitals. You just click continue and it fixes itself. It does not mean you can’t sew a beautiful design. Took me about 1 hour to learn how to do basic embroidery. I think that is a fairly decent curve.I have discovered that not all embroidery is equal. smaller designs mean slow down the speed or yes, the thread will break, the needle will jam, etc. This has been the most surprising benefit for me, and so much fun for all in receipt of the end result. but this takes patience in editing and design. Therefore, the software/machine kept reading it as a thread break.

With that said here goes.I purchased this machine because it has been 16 years (yes she said 16) since I have owned a NEW machine. But i can hit escape and it goes away. Amazing things can happen if one reads stuff.Overall, yes I would recommend this machine. Just like you can’t sew jeans with a number 9 needle, you can’t embroider a fabric with more stretch than a standard cotton with the same needle. Yes there is a learning curve, yes you have to be patient.